Boatbuilding - Steel - Apprenticeship

The aim of this programme is to provide the marine industry with people who have the knowledge and skills to work in a team, unsupervised, to refit or construct new vessels using steel. 

This is an entry level qualification for people intending to enter or who are already working in the boat building sector, in the refit and construction of vessels.

Modules within this programme include: Workplace Health and Safety, You and Your Team, Your Tools and Equipment, Technical Skills, Materials, Your Calculations, Sustainability, Boatbuilding Steel Theory, and Your Drawings.

  Career Options

Boatbuilder, Marine Fabricator

  Entry Requirements

Legal eligibility to study in NZ (immigration status verified). Employed in a boatbuilding environment. Minimum of 16 years of age. English language requirements.

  Course Fees

This programme's fees are covered under Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF).

The TTAF is a Government initiative that will support learners to undertake fees-free vocational education and training in selected programmes.

The fund will cover fees from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2022

You will be notified of your coverage during your Enrolment Process. 

A Completion fee of $245 will be charged to process and register your final credentials with NZQA. This fee is not covered by TTAF.


Cost (2023) - $1,306.40 annual fee + $1,469.70 block course* fees (1 courses)

* Block course fee is an estimated cost for the entire programme duration.  Some learners may not require a block course as it depends on the workplace capability.