Industrial Textile Fabrication Technician

The aim of this programme is to provide the industrial textiles industry with people who have the knowledge and skills to work unsupervised. They will assemble and repair a variety of heavy-duty products made from canvas and synthetic fabrics including tents, vehicle upholstery, trampolines, marquees and inflatable boats.

Modules within this programme include:
Workplace Health and Safety, You and Your Team, Your Tools and Equipment, Technical Skills, Materials, Techniques and Hardware Used in Industrial Textile Fabrication.

  Career Options

Industrial Textile Fabrication Technician

  Entry Requirements

Legal eligibility to study in NZ (immigration status verified). Employed in an industrial textiles fabrication environment. Minimum of 16 years of age. English language requirements.

  Course Fees

Cost (2023) - $1,200 + GST

Starting 01 January 2023, the annual programme fee is $1,200 + GST multiplied by the number of years duration.  This includes learning resources, assessment, and support fee.

Block course (optional) fees range from $1,278 - $1,560 (+ GST) per course.