Launch It, School To Work

What is the School To Work Pathway?

Launch it, School to Work is a TEC funded programme where MAST Academy works with employers and schools to help create career pathways for Year 12 and 13 students. This programme allows the student to experience the marine or composites industries while still earning credits towards completion of NCEA qualifications.

MAST Academy matches a learner with a marine or composites employer and typically, selected students will be employed on a part-time basis (usually 1 or 2 days per week – or as agreed by the school and employer) for all or part of the school year. Students will work towards earning industry unit standard credits at Level 2 or 3 that will be awarded towards NCEA. Students will attend school for the remaining days per week. MAST Academy will develop a learning plan for each student and will assess and report credits gained in the workplace.

Benefits of Launch it, School To Work

  • Schools are able to offer a wide range of opportunities to their students and are assisted by the MAST Academy Transition Advisor to produce a learning plan for each student.
  • By offering a wider range of opportunities and sharing the learning and assessment, retention and engagement of students is higher.
  • Students are able to complete NCEA Level 2 or Level 3, using marine or composites industry unit standards, and those credits can also be credited towards a nationally recognised Level 4 industry qualification.
  • Students gain valuable work experience and the opportunity to enter full-time employment and an apprenticeship at the end of the school year.
  • Students gain practical skills in a workplace environment while completing NCEA qualifications.
  • Through industry participation, students have a greater awareness of opportunities within the marine and composites industries.
  • The skills are in demand, valued and transferable to other industries.

The Roles Explained

MAST Academy

  • Coordinate and manage work experience school to work on behalf of and in conjunction with the student, school and employers.
  • Provide a support service to students and employers with regular communication (this may include mentoring and discussing issues with employers relating to students).
  • Provide assessment services to students.
  • Report credits for Unit Standards to NZQA in a timely manner.
  • Register the Enrolment Application and Agreement.


  • Provide the student every opportunity to learn the skills in the agreed programme.
  • Ensure the student has sufficient exposure to various areas of the company to gain skills.
  • Ensure the student is trained to an accepted company and industry standard.
  • Nominate a training coordinator for students, who will liaise with MAST Academy Transition Advisor in matters relating to the training needs of the student.
  • Verify student’s competence in the tasks undertaken for assessment.
  • Report student absence from work to the MAST Academy Transition Advisor.


  • Facilitate student attendance at the employer’s workplace on the agreed dates and times.
  • Report unexplained student absence from school to the MAST Academy Transition Advisor.
  • Notify the MAST Academy Transition Advisor if the student is considering withdrawing from Launch it, School to Work so that all reasonable steps can be taken to assist the student and employer.


  • Learn the skills as outlined in the agreed Learning Plan for your chosen marine or composites qualification.
  • Demonstrate your achievement in competency of skills – by the quality of work to within accepted time frames and the ability to repeat the tasks which are employer verified.
  • Gain all the knowledge that supports the skills required.
  • Meet all of the requirements and complete all tasks in a timely and professional manner as requested by the employer.
  • Provide completed learning material to MAST Academy Transition Advisor for assessment.
  • Ensure that all evidence that supports your competency is outlined on the evidence sheet and signed by the company trainer/representative before presenting to MAST Academy for assessment.
  • Notify the MAST Academy Transition Advisor if you are having any problems with Launch it, School to Work, the employer or your school so that all reasonable steps can be taken to assist you.

Alumni Testimonial

Featuring Launch it, School to Work trainees who are currently completing the MAST Academy mechanical apprenticeships of Power Boat Systems and Servicing and Marine Systems Engineering.

“If you don't know what you want, just give it a shot. You never know until you actually do it. It could be your career path for life.”

Bailey Dawson

Ovlov Marine