Working in the marine industry.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: A wide variety of trades such as designing, manufacturing, building and selling a range of vessels and marine equipment.

The New Zealand Marine Industry is New Zealand’s largest non-primary manufacturing based industry.

The New Zealand Marine Industry is highly regarded worldwide for its high quality boats including sailing and motor super yachts, trailer boats and launches as well as a supplier of marine related products and services.

The New Zealand Marine Industry needs skilled apprentices to support growth and to drive innovation in the industry.

Career Options

Boatbuilder, Marine Fabricator, Marine Welder, Composite Technician, Marine Builder, Production Boatbuilder, Composite Fabricator, Engineering Technician, System Service & Repair, Marine Coater, Marine Painter, Marine Electrician, EWRB Electrical Installer, Cabinet Builder, Builder Technician, Interior Technician, Marine Systems Engineer, Power Boat Rigger

NZQA Levels4

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Making & repairing composites.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Composites are simply any material made of two or more distinct materials.

The composites industry is therefore based around combining a large range of resins with a large range of reinforcement materials to make an even larger range of new products.

Composite materials are well known for being lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant from weather and chemicals. Composite materials such as carbon fibre and fibre glass can be easily molded into complex shapes.

These are the common sectors that use composites:

Marine, Recreational, Vehicles, Aerospace, Sports & Recreation, Military, Architecture, Automotive, Energy and Infrastructure.

Career Options

Engineering Technician, System Service & Repair, Fiberglass Laminator, Composite Technician

NZQA Levels3 - 4

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Working in a marina.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Environment. Marinas are locations with moorings, supplies, and facilities for yachts and boats.

These facilities may include refuelling stations, washing and repair facilities, haul out services, and slipways (boat ramps).

Some marinas also include on shore services such as clubhouses, showers, marine retailers and more.

Those working in marina facilities often have a lot of interaction with customers and visiting boaties.

Career Options

Engineering Technician, System Service & Repair, Boatyard Manager, Hardstand Manager, Boatyard Operator, Marina Manager, Marina Operator, Marine Electrician, EWRB Electrical Installer, Marine Systems Engineer, Power Boat Rigger

NZQA Levels4

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Industrial Textiles

Working in the Industrial Textile Fabrication Industry

Industrial textiles are everywhere! Blending the creative with the practical and the technical - canvas fabricators can produce anything from post protectors to inflatable slides, tents, sails and vehicle upholstery to trampolines, marquees, outdoor furniture covers and inflatable boats. This industry combines practical skills with plenty of challenges and exciting long-term career opportunities.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work safely and accurately fabricate a variety of industrial textile products – from canvas fabrication to marine and motor trimming.

Career Options

Industrial Textile Fabricator Technician, Canvas Fabricator, Sailmaker, Vehicle Trimmer, Upholsterer, Marine Trimmer

image of Industrial Textiles