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Apprenticeship Boost - TEC

Apprenticeship Boost provides support for employers to retain and take on new apprentices as the economy recovers from the impacts of COVID-19. It aims to help apprentices to continue to earn and learn so they become skilled practitioners in their chosen industry.

The Apprenticeship Boost is part of the Government’s wider Apprenticeship Support Programme — a cross-agency response to help employers support their employees in formal training including apprenticeships, while dealing with the effects of COVID-19.

Employers of an apprentice in their first year of apprenticeship training will be eligible for $1,000 support per month, until 5 August 2022, when the rate becomes $500 per month, while employers of an apprentice in their second year are eligible for $500 per month (all figures excluding GST). Support is available for a maximum period of 24 months. Payments will be made to the employer of eligible apprentices.

Apprentice Eligibility

To be eligible for the Apprenticeship Boost, an apprentice must:

  • be enrolled and engaged in a Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) approved and funded New Zealand Apprenticeship or Managed Apprenticeship,

  • be actively training through a Transitional Industry Training Organisation (TITO) or a provider,

  • have completed no more than 24 months in a TEC approved apprenticeship that is the same or similar.

New Zealand Apprenticeships and Managed Apprenticeships

Apprentices need to be enrolled in a TEC-approved New Zealand Apprenticeship or a TEC approved Managed Apprenticeship programme for their employer to be eligible for this support. Assistance payments will be made to the employer of eligible apprentices, who must continue to pay at least the minimum or relevant training wage to their apprentice.

New Zealand Apprenticeships and Managed Apprenticeships both involve training consisting of 120 credits or more, leading to a qualification at level 4 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. Apprentices are in work and training in a field toward an occupation.

Their training is governed by a tri-partite training agreement signed by the apprentice, the employer and the relevant tertiary education organisation. Apprenticeship programmes are approved and funded by the TEC.

Enrolments in these apprenticeship programmes are specifically reported as apprenticeship enrolments to the TEC.

How to Apply

Employers can apply for the Apprenticeship Boost assistance through the Work and Income website.

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