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Get the right skills for success!

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Together with Dale Carnegie, Mast Academy NZ has developed the Skills for Success Leadership Programme for our workplace trainers, for workers, supervisors, first line managers, leaders and potential leaders in our industry.

We are aiming to build leadership skills, while also providing great return on investment for our industry employers. This immersive programme requires the employer to participate initially - and then to support the employee as they continue through the programme. The employee will then participate in all sessions.

Check out some of the feedback:

From Josh Horan and Jarred Treymane, FC Boats

“I can see how easy it is to fall into old habits! Now I can identify and pick up on them. We’re encouraging our teams more and things are getting done with better co-operation and buy-in – our Boat Build hour target is now at 92%+ efficiency, there’s less rework and our apprentices are also more productive”.

From Shaun Oliver, Belaire Ferries

“This course has helped me change the way I engage with the MD to get things done. I’ve now implemented a training programme pathway for the team and gained approval to recruit more staff. For the business we now get better staff retention- people are happier and more productive”.

From Gavin Bickers, Stabibuild – Silverdale. (Naomi Upperton, GM also attended).

“I can now better identify the drivers to work with the team, and I get better cooperation throughout the business. Reworks have decreased as a result and we’ve increased productivity to 80+ productivity”.

From Ben Porter, McMullen Wing

“I’m communicating better with our staff and we’re heading in a more common direction. I have a better relationship with the SLT with better interactions - more slow and steady”.

From Georgie Fry and Mark Moore, Duncan Canvas –

“We both feel the team are more on board with what is required and working more as a team, sharing tasks to build more capability. We’ve re-organised the factory, resulting in better workflow and increased productivity”.

This ‘value add’ programme from MAST Academy is designed to benefit the entire industry. We’ve had great feedback from participants and employers alike, showing the benefits and good return on the relatively small investment. Employees gain both knowledge and confidence as leaders in the workplace, enabling them to become skilled and capable team managers who can positively represent their business services, products and staff culture into the future.


We will be running another programme in Auckland in May 2024, and if we get enough interest, we will also run one in the South Island around the same month.

Contact to register your interest in either programme.


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