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Interactive 3D Models and VR Showcase Combo - Engaging, Realistic and Authentic!

Water jet proulsion engine 3D mdel

Mast Academy NZ, the training centre for trade apprentices in the marine, composites and textiles industries, released its first VR showcase in 2023 for the marine industry. The VR showcase has been hugely successful in introducing school kids to the sector.


Now we have added a series of 3D models of engines and water jet proulsion engines to the range available for apprentices and those inteterested in marine trades training. In addition, our rotating 3D models and reference diagrams for power boats, launches and yachts introduce terminology that could seem so daunting for a novice.

4-Stroke engine diagram


The VR showcase has connected with young people in a fun, entertaining and informative way. It allows us to showcase our trades ¾ from boat building to finishing, from systems engineering to marina management, from composites to industrial textiles ¾ and potentially attract those who might otherwise have not considered a career in marine or the associated specialised technologies.


This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionise the way potential learners in these fields are introduced to our sectors and in the longer term acquire skills and expertise. Imagine stepping into a virtual boat building workshop or a marine systems workshop, where real people are working on real boats and engines. Envision what as a new apprentice you might do on an average day. The ability to view and get a snapshot in 3D of all the various marine or composites or industrial textile workplaces. This is the essence of the VR showcase a doorway to experiential learning that surpasses traditional methods.


We are revamping all of our online learning programmes for apprentices, introducing an exciting new ‘virtually real’ version of learner engagement to the marine industry. This includes the embedding of the 3D models into the learning resources for apprentices. Click on this link to see the 3D models on our website. This helps those learners who don’t have access to a particular engine type to gain an understanding of how the engine works.


Chris Van der Hor CEO of Marine and Specialised Technologies Academy says “the plan combines problem solving, understanding and scenario conceptualisation in a way that appeals to the hands-on apprentices who are used to working in practical working environments.” Furthermore, The MAST VR showcase and the 3D models serve as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application.


“Online engagement learning, when done well, allows apprentices or trainees to become more immersed in their training programmes, to be hungry to understand and practice the new skills they are acquiring,” says Lesley Southwick Learning Development & Marketing Manager. “It also provides greater opportunities to learn new skills for all apprentices, regardless of where they are, what they do daily and what facilities are available to them”.


In addition to the release of their first VR showcase, Mast is also focusing on those who might not find conventional learning appealing. For example, using highly engaging digital tools, videos and augmented reality they have recreated complex tasks, like dissecting an engine to study its parts. This combination of real-world experience and online study is proving a game-changer for the learning process and, according to Lesley Southwick, is just the start.


MAST and digital innovation creators Waxeye and Fuse Creative, will continue to explore new territories in tech, to engage our industry learners on their journey. So, have a go and explore for yourself here.


If you are interested in hearing more about our apprenticeship opportunities or want to experience our VR showcase, or please contact or go to our website