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Graduate Success at Pine Harbour Boat Painters

Recent graduate of the MAST Academy Marine Exterior coatings apprenticeship, Daniel Gatward of Pine Harbour Boat Painters, has demonstrated how a fresh-faced youngster can develop into a mature, reliable, and skilled team member.

Pine Harbour Boat Painters gave Daniel an opportunity over four years ago, transforming him from a shy, inexperienced oyster farmer from Kawakawa Bay into a very capable marine painter. Initially registering on a marine painting interim programme, Daniel overcame challenges that most apprentices usually face. When he decided to undertake the full apprenticeship, you could see that his determination to achieve his qualification was deeply instilled. He started taking responsibility for his work, meeting deadlines and being proactive with his study, all of which is not easy with the many distractions young people face these days.

Credit for this improvement has to be attributed, in part, to the support, patience, and training that Warwick Heaney, Nathan Way and the team have extended to him over the years. Now excitingly Daniel is putting his hand up for additional responsibilities and is confident with an excellent skill level to take on any new marine coatings challenge.

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